The 7x Cipher
The most in-demand analyst on Wall Street finally reveals his revolutionary market “code-breaker” that’s delivered cumulative returns of 2,379% in 18 months

The 7X Cipher

Learn the secret behind it today and you could turn
every $1,000 invested into as much as $7,800


The date was November 3, 2016 and the entire world was fixated on the presidential election.  

But even though it was only five short days away…I couldn’t have cared less about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Russians, or Jim Comey.  

My attention was fixed on something no one was talking about…

The incredible strength I was seeing in ONE particular sector of the stock market.  

I was sitting at a bar with a good friend in Sonoma, California, ignoring the 20 or so TV’s tuned into election coverage when I told him:

  • “Buying transportation stocks right now is like shooting fish in a barrel. I’ve been pounding the table on this since late June and if the airlines and railroads aren’t stomping the S&P 500 over the next quarter, I’m buying every round of drinks for the next year!”

My buddy was ready to jump on the bet, but gave me a chance to back out: 

  • “Hillary’s a wild card!” he said. “No one knows what regulations she has up her sleeve that could crush airlines. Just like she did the drug stocks just a few months ago!”   

I smiled, knowing he was missing a huge opportunity:  

  • “It doesn’t matter if Hillary wins, Trump wins, or even if I win the Presidency. Airlines like United are a BUY!” I told him.

He shrugged his shoulders, took the wager and went back to watching the election news.

Just one month later, I gave folks the chance to bank a fast 31% gain on United Airlines and my friend was regretting he made such an expensive bet with a guy who likes fine French Bordeaux.  

You may wonder:  Why was I so sure about this trade? 

Did I know Trump would upset Clinton…or that he would prove to be even more pro-business than we suspected?  

Hardly. I have no idea what those idiots in Washington will do next and I don’t trust any of them anyway.  

Did I have an insider contact at United who tipped me off to some big news about to break for the company?

Nope. I don’t even know a United flight attendant, let alone anyone who works in their corporate offices. 

Was it just a lucky guess that happened to go my way thanks to the surging bull market we saw during those next few weeks?

No way. And here’s why.

I won the bet because I firmly believe that basing any investment decision on “current events” like these is total lunacy.  

And how do you know this one trade wasn’t just dumb luck?

Because I’ve racked up 225 winners just like it in 18 months.  

Even better, ALL of the trades over those 18 months — winners and losers combined — racked up cumulative gains of 2,379%.

All without paying attention to CNN…Donald Trump’s Twitter account…or the latest hysteria coming out of Wall Street on a daily basis.

NONE of it!

And today I’m going to reveal to you the secret to how I’ve done it…and how YOU can do the same — potentially turning every $1,000 into as much as $7,800 on every trade you apply it too.

But first, I’ll show you another example of how well this approach works…


An Easy 39% in 30 Days

Just a few weeks after I grabbed that fast profit on United, I spotted another dynamite opportunity.  

The “experts” on TV were debating whether or not the post-election Trump rally was about to fizzle out.  

But frankly, I didn’t care what happened either way.

I was busy focusing on the sector that my research showed would lead the market higher in February 2017.

At the time, I wrote:

Here’s what happened next…

AMD did exactly what I predicted it would — rising to right around $15 and handing out a healthy 39% profit in just 30 days.

And yet again…the key was ignoring the headlines.  

Maybe you cared about Trump’s rough first week in office, how many foreign leaders he angered or who in his Cabinet was running into trouble in their confirmation hearings. 

I sure didn’t.  

I didn’t even care about the financial headlines — OPEC cutting production to prop up oil prices, the technology sector on a tear or health care stocks dropping on Trump’s comments about drug prices being too high.   

All of that chaos would’ve ended up distracting me from not just that winning AMD trade, but the slew of other technology winners I ALSO recommended that very same week:

Texas Instruments +11%
Brooks Automation +24%
IPG Photonics +11%
Maxim Integrated Products +12%

How did I find them?  

You see, when it’s time to analyze the financial markets, I turn off the TV…don’t open the newspaper…and ignore Twitter entirely.   

Instead I use a strategy that’s enabled me to “decode” the market, independent of the kneejerk emotional reactions that so many investors have to the news of the day.

Not only that, but this “decoder” allows me to focus exclusively on opportunities where the reward FAR outweighs the risk.

And that’s how I found this gem:

The “Experts” Completely Missed Out on 44% Profits in Boeing

Think back again to early 2017. 

The financial pundits’ favorite game was speculating about “which stocks will do the best in Trump’s economy?”

There was infrastructure for sure — Trump would spend billions to “make America great again,” including building a big, beautiful wall on the Mexican border.  

The thought was health care would be a big winner, too. The promised repeal of Obamacare would help everyone from insurers to pharma companies.  

On the flip side, many predicted major exporters would be in big trouble if Trump started a trade war.  

And defense and aerospace companies could take it on the chin if Trump followed through on his promise to wind down “stupid foreign wars” and keep America out of global problems.

I didn’t offer an opinion…because I knew my strategy didn’t need to rely on the opinions of pundits, economists or politicians to make money.    

That’s why it was no surprise that despite the negative predictions, I spotted an absolutely prime profit opportunity with powerful upside momentum…in the world’s largest aerospace company and the U.S.’s #1 exporter.

That day, I wrote:

It not only looked good — it was good.

Boeing racked up a 44% gain in just five months.

That’s a fast $440 profit on a small $1,000 stake…$2,200 profits on a larger $5,000 investment…or even a quick windfall of $4,400 on a $10k stake.  

All I had to do was ignore the talking heads and focus on what really mattered.  

You see, I look at close to 1,000 stock charts EVERY DAY.

And contained inside each and every single one of them is a “code” that can hand you winner…after winner…after winner…

This code is basically invisible and completely unreadable to 99% of the financial world.

But not to me.

Because I have the perfect “codebreaker” that allows me to read and understand it…and if you use it too, you could turn every $1,000 into as much as $7,800!  

I call it…


The 7X Cipher

J.C. Parets, CMT
Former Stock Broker

Hi, my name is J.C. Parets.

And the three trades I just showed you are just a small sample of the 225 winners I’ve delivered over the last year and a half using the 7X Cipher.

The frequency with which I’ve used this “codebreaker” to bank fast gains is just stunning.

Here, check out a small sample of those winners for yourself…

Caterpillar +44%
SPDR S&P Metals and Mining ETF +56%
Apple +29%
Microsoft +30%
Teradyne +40%
Bank of America +25%
Union Pacific +23%
Netflix +24%
Taiwan Semiconductor +37%
Tesla +24%
Baxter International +28%
Waters Corp +34%
Royal Caribbean +26%
Citigroup +25%
Caterpillar +36%
Valero +28%

And I could name dozens more that you could have grabbed in just a few weeks! 

In fact, since I began using the 7X Cipher back in July 2016, I’ve averaged 12 winners every month!

Just imagine seeing those profits hitting your portfolio. Over…and over…and over again.

Now I realize these might not be the big triple- and quadruple-digit winners you’re used to seeing in these kinds of presentations.

If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s probably best if you close this presentation right now.  

Because let’s face reality.

Hitting ten-baggers is HARD.

It could take years for you to see those kinds of over-hyped returns in a single stock.  

And you could eat a LOT of losing trades in the process as you comb the market for that ONE BIG WINNER.

I’m not about that. I’d rather win a lot.

I’d rather bank solid double-digit profits on a shockingly regular basis.

And I’d rather have money flowing into my account constantly.

Every week…every month…every year.

That’s how I’ve achieved cumulative gains of 2,379% in just 18 months.

And today, I’m going to show you how you could use the 7X Cipher to turn every $1,000 invested into as much as $7,800 WITHOUT paying another minute of attention to the useless, fear-mongering news coming out of Washington, Wall Street and around the world every day.   

Imagine NEVER again having to worry about any of these factors:

  • Company news
    Everything from a new product that bombs…to rumors of a merger…or even a CEO scandal.
  • Earnings announcements
    Were they good? Did they beat the whisper number? What about forward guidance? None of it matters.
  • Sector trends
    Have no fear…the 7X Cipher understands not only individual companies’ next moves but also the future of entire sectors.
  • Economic data
    The U.S. government issues 45,000 official reports a year — you can ignore them ALL!
  • Interest rate changes
    Will the Fed raise rates this month or not? Who cares?!
  • Geopolitical drama
    You’ll never again have an investment decision held hostage by the Middle East, Iran, North Korea or China.
  • Washington politics
    You don’t spend a minute’s thought on Congress…the Courts…or the President…

Now, I completely understand if you’re skeptical that ignoring all this information can actually make you MORE money in the markets than you are today.  

It’s human nature to want to make sense of why things happen in the market…especially when your money is at risk.

Why else would we pay attention when we hear the market went up or down on a given day because “the Fed did X,” “jobs numbers were Y” or “China did Z?”

But let me tell you right here and right now…none of it matters!

And the more you read the headlines or listen to those talking heads on TV, it’s very possible you’ll make less money in the markets!

Understanding this idea — which 99.99% of investors never will — is what led to the investment breakthrough of my lifetime.  

And possibly yours. 

Now let me say upfront…

I Didn’t Invent The 7X Cipher…
But I May Have Perfected It

The 7X Cipher’s biggest benefit is that it automatically accounts for all the factors listed above…so you can save a ton of mental energy.   

You just need to pay attention to the ONE factor that the 7X Cipher is built around, because it’s the only one that really matters.  

In a moment, I’ll reveal what that is, but first I want to make sure you grasp exactly what the 7X Cipher can do for you.  

First, it can help identify lucrative trading opportunities in nearly every asset class you can imagine: stocks, bonds, foreign markets, currencies, commodities…you name it.  

For instance, it helped me identify winners in foreign equities and commodities that many investors avoid, like:

iShares MSCI Peru ETF +24%
VanEck Vectors Agribusiness ETF +16%
Nomura +19%

Even better, I can use it to rack up profits whether stocks are going up or down.  

By examining thousands of potential trades each week, the 7X Cipher is flexible enough to help me target bullish trades when stocks are rising and bearish trades when they’re falling.     

Best of all, I can use it to uncover a continuous pipeline of winning trades with absolutely NO insider information or special investing expertise needed. 

In fact, if the average winning trades are as good as they’ve been in the past, you could use it to turn every $1,000 into as much as $7,800!

Here’s what a couple of the folks had to say about me and the 7X Cipher…

  • “Worth every cent and 10x more.”— Bob L.

  • “J.C. is the man.”— Brad S., President of a prominent Wealth Management Service

  • “Love how J.C. calls it like it is…very few can make sense of the market so easily as J.C.”— Deepak B.

  • “J.C. is like the zen master of NO noise. So refreshing.”— Jeremy A.

They’ve learned what I did a long time ago. That when it comes to investing…

To Win Big, You Can’t Fight Fair  

The truly fantastic thing about the 7X Cipher is that it allows me to tilt the reward-to-risk ratio in favor of my readers like nothing you’ve ever seen.  

You see, I’ve learned how to fine-tune this system so that it ignores trades where the risk only equals the reward.  

After all, a 50/50 shot to lose as much money as you could make — who wants THAT?

I want to recommend trades where the deck is stacked so I get the best cards…where the dice are loaded in my favor…and where the wheel is rigged to land on my favorite numbers.  

Here’s what I mean:

I call this tool the “7X Cipher” because I use it to find trades where the upside is 7 TIMES greater than the downside.   

That means if a stock has a downside risk of 10%, I want to make at least 70% on the upside.   

And the numbers don’t lie:

Over 18 months, I used the 7X Cipher to uncover a whopping 155 winning trades that delivered gains of 10% or more.

Ticker Gain
AGI -10.82%
BIDU -11.09%
CELG -14.39%
CFG -10.86%
EIX -12.94%
Ticker Gain
EWZ -13.82%
HAL -10.13%
HP -10.20%
MOS -12.89%
MOS -11.61%
Ticker Gain
MTB -11.01%
NMM -13.45%
RF -10.82%
RIG -12.17%
RIG -11.62%
Ticker Gain
STI -12.69%
TAN -15.69%
VIAB -22.31%
WYNN -15.70%
ZION -12.02%

Winning Trades:

Ticker Gain
^BTC 15.31%
^BTC 19.73%
^ETH 23.40%
AAPL 14.63%
AAPL 29.33%
ABBV 21.68%
AET 18.52%
AFL 10.00%
ALB 12.32%
ALB 16.47%
ALK 20.96%
ALL 11.94%
AMAT 39.74%
AMD 39.36%
AMZN 16.12%
AMZN 22.44%
ANTM 14.48%
ATVI 19.74%
AVY 23.80%
AXP 11.48%
AXP 15.21%
BA 13.25%
BA 44.07%
BAC 16.88%
BAC 25.00%
BAX 28.13%
BBT 15.36%
BBY 14.61%
BIDU 26.58%
BRK.B 13.68%
BRKB 22.42%
BRKS 24.00%
BSX 17.73%
C 25.73%
CAT 36.30%
CAT 44.01%
CB 10.87%
CCL 18.18%
CFG 24.32%
CHKP 16.51%
Ticker Gain
CI 16.17%
CI 19.74%
CMA 11.80%
CMA 14.65%
CNI 17.74%
COO 15.73%
CSX 26.76%
DD 17.65%
DE 15.35%
DE 20.73%
DHR 11.90%
DLPH 22.03%
DXJ 14.88%
EEM 10.14%
EPU 24.43%
ESLT 20.96%
EWY 14.42%
EWZ 14.50%
FB 12.09%
FB 12.93%
FB 18.30%
FCX 30.96%
FDN 16.81%
FDN 22.56%
FM 14.00%
GS 10.70%
GWR 12.12%
HBAN 14.06%
HD 11.44%
HD 11.73%
HEI 24.94%
HSBC 24.51%
IAI 12.12%
IBKR 17.65%
IBM 15.05%
INTC 11.76%
IPGP 11.36%
ISRG 19.54%
ITA 12.17%
ITA 14.59%
Ticker Gain
ITW 19.13%
JBHT 10.18%
JBHT 18.27%
JNJ 12.24%
JPM 26.15%
KRE 11.22%
LLL 15.28%
LOW 13.77%
LSTR 11.11%
LSTR 13.21%
LUV 12.16%
MA 17.12%
MAR 15.02%
MAS 12.00%
MCD 15.79%
MCO 14.04%
MGM 14.79%
MON 10.98%
MOO 16.00%
MRTN 21.88%
MS 22.03%
MSFT 14.73%
MSFT 30.23%
MXIM 12.21%
NFLX 24.44%
NMR 18.75%
NSC 17.35%
NSC 27.97%
NVDA 31.89%
ODFL 20.51%
PCLN 16.75%
PFG 11.29%
PFPT 21.95%
PHM 26.53%
PKI 21.88%
PX 17.65%
PYPL 11.83%
R 10.11%
RCL 14.94%
RCL 26.37%
Ticker Gain
RGI 14.97%
RHT 14.17%
RHT 24.00%
ROK 10.32%
ROK 20.62%
ROP 11.06%
SOCL 16.18%
SOCL 18.00%
SOCL 20.87%
SPGI 24.52%
SPY 11.19%
STZ 12.15%
SWKS 24.45%
TAN 14.94%
TAN 15.77%
TEL 14.38%
TER 40.19%
TMO 11.46%
TSLA 24.21%
TSM 37.73%
TSS 22.06%
TXN 10.94%
UAL 30.50%
UNH 12.74%
UNH 14.22%
UNP 23.30%
VLO 28.39%
WAT 33.73%
WLTW 13.21%
WMT 13.71%
WNR 30.60%
XHB 18.32%
XLK 14.72%
XLY 15.38%
XME 56.35%
YUM 14.48%
ZTS 12.70%

Even better, it limited the number of losing trades over 10% to just 20.   

This is the essence of our highly-profitable trading strategy: I only recommend a trade when it has a 7:1 reward/risk ratio in our favor.  

Fat profits and paper-thin losses.  

That’s how you become a winning investor.  

That’s how you build REAL…long-lasting wealth.

And It’s How I Gave my Followers the Chance to Collect 2,379% in Cumulative Profits in 18 Months!

Until now, I’ve used the 7X Cipher primarily to provide unique research to most of Wall Street’s biggest names.  

Strict confidentiality agreements prevent me from revealing my clients to you, but rest assured, if you can name a major Wall Street investment bank, hedge fund, or money manager, they’re most likely a client.  

They pay me hefty sums to get access to the insights the 7X Cipher has uncovered.  

In fact, one company paid me $10,000 a day for several days of my analysis!  

These big firms tell me how much they value my research every day by how much they spend with me, but until I ran the numbers myself, I didn’t realize how much I might be underpricing my services! 

You see, over 18 months, the 7X Cipher produced 2,379% in cumulative profits.  

That includes all winning AND losing trades.  

Now I’ll be the first to admit that no trading system is perfect…but I’d stack the 7X Cipher up against any other in the world.  

Here’s why: These results weren’t the result of back testing or computer simulations.  

I simply tracked all the trades I recommended to my clients in real-time and computed the cumulative profit.  

Now to be clear, I’m not a financial advisor — what I gave to my clients was research tailored to their specific niche. But I realized I wanted to do more for the main street American. So I re-tuned my system so I could provide research and insights to individuals in a broader format, which I’ll get into in just a bit.

The important thing to understand is, using my research…You could turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800!

I’ll show you exactly how we do it, starting with the 7X Cipher and how it works.  


The 7X Cipher is the Tool You Need to Crack Wall Street’s Secret Code

Ciphers have been used for thousands of years by businesses, militaries and governments to communicate sensitive messages.  

Julius Caesar even invented his own cipher to ensure his critical military orders couldn’t be intercepted and used against him.  

A proper cipher is nearly impossible to crack…but not if you have the key.  

So why do I call my investing process the 7X Cipher?  

Because the firehose of information flying out of the financial markets every day is exactly like an encrypted message from the world’s most secure cipher.  

You see, when you look at a stock’s chart, what most people see is a snapshot of a company’s past performance.

What they aren’t able to see is the hidden indicators of that stock’s FUTURE.

That’s because the torrent of news, data, earnings and opinions that are shaping that future is complete gibberish if you don’t know how to decode it.  

Or worse, a series of false instructions that causes you to waste your investment dollars on dead-end plays and hopeless speculations.  

But if you have the proper decoding cipher, charts don’t all look like noise.  

And you can actually see the easily-understood signals of what to buy, and when, and how much profit you can expect each time.  

The 7X Cipher helps me decode the market’s hidden signals just like the system that British mathematician Alan Turing developed to solve the Nazis’ Enigma code in World War II.  

The Germans used typewriter-like Enigma machines to send messages to every branch of their military — army, air force, navy, even their sub fleet — for one powerful reason: Enigma was thought to be “uncrackable.”  

Even though Enigma was based on a simple substitution cipher — one “fake” letter stood in for each real one — it was actually so complex that there were over 100 billion potential combinations for each pair of letters.   

But years of effort and Turing’s genius eventually solved the problem and by the end of the war, most Enigma messages could be translated in just a day or two.  

Turing’s success not only helped win the war, but also created one of the world’s first computers in the process.  

The 7X Cipher performs a similar “double” feat — it not only makes sense of the market’s overall trend, it could also turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800.     


So…Am I a Genius
Like Alan Turing?


But I have to admit to being a little proud that I’ve discovered something that many analysts fail to comprehend after 40, 50, even 60 years of watching the markets.

You see, I came to Wall Street fresh out of college in 2004.  

I lived over a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey, and paid $600 a month for a depressing studio apartment.   

Wall Street circa 2004
My apartment above the bar

It sure wasn’t much…but it was the only thing I could afford on my $500 a week salary.  

That’s what you get paid when you start at the very bottom.  

My job was to answer phones, run errands and order lunch for some of the office’s “big producers” — brokers two or three times my age who managed money for wealthy clients.

But after just a few months, I discovered their dirty little secret…

They may have been master salesmen, but they were utterly incapable of seeing a correction coming…spotting a hot opportunity…or even understanding what makes some stocks go up while others go down. 

Even worse, it seemed like they didn’t even care!  

I knew I couldn’t follow them down that path — angling for commissions no matter what happened to my clients — so I undertook a deep study of what makes stocks move and why.  

I simply could not rest until I uncovered the truth about Wall Street and how to consistently pick winning stocks.  

The bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell theorized that it takes 10,000 hours to master a subject.  

Well, I put in that much time (and more) over the last 15 years to fully understand the 7X Cipher, the key to my track record of 2,379% cumulative profits over 18 months.  

With its help, I can spot exciting breakouts, dangerous corrections, and critical market turning points on a chart where other investors see only confusing and contradictory signals. 

I tell you all this not to brag, but to impress upon you the value of what I know:

How to Find Winning Trades
in Every Market Climate

The 7X Cipher does one thing above all.  

It helps me consistently nail winning trade after winning trade…WITHOUT wasting time on financial statements, earnings releases or boardroom dramas.  

One of my successful trades in September 2016 illustrates this perfectly.

If you’d been paying attention to the slew of negative news being force fed to you by the mainstream media, things like…

Wells Fargo being sued by its customers for fraudulently opening fake accounts…

ISIS-inspired stabbings in a Minnesota mall…

A shooting at a South Carolina school…

And a train derailment in my old hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey…

…you had NO IDEA that one corner of the market was heating up…and about to explode higher.

But if you were one of the people who read my market analysis at the time, here’s what you would’ve discovered…

How did that work out?

Exactly as I predicted — my readers had a chance to nail a 40% gain!

To be a successful investor, sometimes you just have to ignore the noise and focus on what’s right in front of your face.  

That’s how…

The 7X Cipher Guides You
to the Right Time to Own
High-Fliers Like Tesla

In April 2017, Tesla unveiled its first tractor-trailer for sale to transportation firms, plus an aggressive plan for nearly doubling the number of Supercharging stations to accommodate its coming Model 3 launch. 

Was this another great sign of Tesla’s growth…or more empty hype from a company that’s missed too many important deadlines to count?   

The 7X Cipher weighed the evidence and placed a bullish bet.  

If you had followed my recommendation, you’d have nailed a fast 24% gain.

Not bad at all!

I confess I’ll never understand Tesla’s products, financials and business trends like the 19 Wall Street analysts who are watching it like a hawk. 

But with the 7X Cipher, I don’t have to.  

It can look at Tesla’s chart, constantly decode all the news and tell me the right time to buy and sell for fast profits.    

And that’s not all — while I recommended my readers hold Tesla, they also cashed in these winners: 

Nvidia +32%
Cooper Industries +15%
Facebook +18%
Social Media ETF +21%
Netflix +24%
Cigna +19%
Carnival +18%
HSBC Bank +24%

Winner…after winner…after winner…

When the 7X Cipher can consistently find you multiple quick-strike profit opportunities every month like this, who needs to gamble on “10-bagger” stocks that only hit one time out of twenty?       

Once you begin using it for yourself, you’ll see that…

Epic Winning Streaks
Pile Up the Profits

One of the things you’ll love best about the 7X Cipher is the way it gives you not just one winning trade here or there, but often 10 or 15 in a row.  

For instance, starting on July 13, 2016, I recommended trades that rang the bell eight times in a row:  

XME +32%
SPY +15%
NMR +18%
INTC +21%
CAT +44%
EWZ +15%
IBM +15%
FDN +23%

Then on April 26, 2017, I started another epic winning streak — 16 in a row this time!

AMAT +40%
ISRG +20%
PYPL +12%
WLTW +13%
NVDA +32%
MCO +14%
RHT +14%
ATVI +20%
AVY +24%
TEL +24%
BBY +15%
TSS +22%
COO +16%
ALB +16%
RCL +26%
AET +19%

And here’s one more 11-win streak, from recommendations that started on August 13, 2017:

CFG +24%
ROK +21%
NSC +28%
TMO +11%
PKI +22%
MAS +12%
RHT +24%
STZ +12%
CI +16%
ABBV +22%
JBHT +18%

You get the point.

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably enjoy the thrill of a home run hitter launching one into the bleachers. It’s the most exciting part of the game! 

But Major League teams have come to learn that those exciting home runs usually come side-by-side with LOTS of strikeouts.  

And lots of strikeouts don’t help you win anything.  

In fact, before the start of the 2017 season, neither of the top home run hitters in each league (Mark Trumbo and Chris Carter) drew much interest on the free agent market.  

As one executive said about Carter,

  • “Now there will always be a value to hitting 40 home runs. But when you look at everything around those 40 home runs, what do you have? He's not going to hit for average. He's going to strike out a ton. He can't run. He's a bad fielder. So, 40 home runs, minus all the subtractions, is maybe not as valuable as you'd think.”

It’s the same thing with investing.  

Doubling your money on just one stock means very little if you lose it all on the next one.  

But piling up lots of singles and doubles (like our winning trades of 10% to 40%) can help you build true wealth FAR faster than continuously searching for that ONE big score, while accumulating a lot of losing trades along the way. 

Our past track record has proved it, you could turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800!

But don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what others have said about my work:

  • “Met this kid J.C. in 2004, hired him immediately. Now he’s a certified boss, becoming the next Charlie Dow.”— CNBC’s Josh Brown, aka The Reformed Broker

  • “If you’re into charts and you’re not reading J.C., your life has gone horribly, horribly wrong.”— Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street

  • “The technical chart genius!”— Liz Claman, Fox Business Network

The reason my readers love this system -- and you will too -- is simple…

The 7X Cipher Eliminates Your Biggest Trading Flaw

By now, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly how the 7X Cipher works, how it can give you $7 of profits for every $1 of risk, and how it could help you turn every $1,000 invested into as much as $7,800.     

As you know, the 7X Cipher allows us to ignore the news events and market noise that trip up most investors.  

I can’t overstate how important this is.  

Even the best investors I know buy into weak stocks because of one piece of surprising good news…and get scared out of a profitable trade because of a negative news article.  

You’ve probably done those things yourself. 

But you shouldn’t beat yourself up about this very human tendency.   

Because if you’re ready to grab the life-changing profits you deserve, I’d like to share with you…

The Secret Behind the 7X Cipher

If you want to benefit from the 7X Cipher, here’s the first thing you must do — forget about buying low and selling high.  

Just don’t do it.  

Trying to pick stocks that will rebound from trouble or catch fire out of nowhere is a fool’s game.  

You want to invest in stocks that are already on the move.

That means stocks that are trending higher should be your whole focus.      

Why is the trend so important?   

Because trends usually continue rather than reversing course.

If a market is trending higher, it’s MUCH more likely it’ll keep going up. 

And if prices are falling, they are more likely to keep falling than do anything else.  

Reversals in either direction are unlikely, and very difficult to spot.  

Remember, stock prices are mostly driven by large institutional fund managers that move billions and billions of dollars each day.

Changes in trend are therefore like a large cargo ship or oil tanker.

These massive vessels often need as much as five miles to come to a stop, so they sure can’t just reverse course at the press of a button.

So, the question to ask is…how do we identify the trend?  


The 7X Cipher focuses 100% on the only thing that matters — the “most important factor” I mentioned earlier.  

This factor is PRICE. 

The price is the only thing that really matters about any stock’s trend.  

Price incorporates all the known information about a stock — earnings, sector trends, management, new products, competitor actions, and on and on.  

That’s why I could never be a fundamental analyst — all the balance sheet, cash flow and revenue information are already baked into the price of the stock!  

Plus, an asset’s price also incorporates all the unknown information — rumors, whispers, innuendo, speculation and more.  

Best of all, the asset’s price movements reveal the critical trend a stock is moving in.  

So, with the help of the 7X Cipher, I can consistently find the stocks with powerful uptrends that are worth investing in.  

I have a bunch of tools — sentiment, momentum, simple pattern recognition and more — to help me pinpoint when a trend is slowing down or in danger of reversing.  

But until I see those signs, I ride trends for all they’re worth.  

So, whether you call what I do “charting” or “technical analysis,” the important thing to know is that…

The 7X Cipher is Simpler
AND More Profitable Than
Most Other Trading Strategies You May Have Tried

This might make me unpopular, but it’s the truth:

Most technical traders sabotage themselves by making charting much more complicated than it needs to be.     

I see it every day — gurus that fall in love with technology and try to make a chart tell a story that isn’t true.  

That’s how you end up with charts like this: 

Or worse, something like this horror show:

What a mess!

If you need a chart like this to find a trade, you’re in the wrong business.

And how can anyone analyze more than a few dozen charts every day if you turn each one into a Jackson Pollock painting?     

Besides, I’ve learned that most investors simply don’t understand even simple charts.  

Good luck getting them to understand monstrosities like this!

My method is the polar opposite.  

The advantage I bring you is that I apply the 7X Cipher’s obsessive focus on price to over 5,000 charts a week.  

Even the best technicians in the world — the guys I learned from and know personally — look at a fraction of the charts I do every week.  

The 7X Cipher’s genius is that it allows me to quickly analyze each chart with relatively simple techniques — simple moving averages, support and resistance, overbought and oversold metrics and the like.  

So, I can decode the very few tradable situations in time for you to act…and set aside the thousands of stocks that are unlikely to work.   

Here’s a typical chart I analyzed.  

One moving average, one relative strength indicator, a couple of support and resistance lines, and one upside target tell me all I need to know to put on a bullish trade:

(And yes, this company, Cooper bounced from the $189 level over my $233 target a few months later, just as I forecasted, in case you were wondering…)

Because my relatively simple indicators keep me focused on what’s important — which stocks are breaking out and which are breaking down — we can quickly identify the setups that give us the most profit potential.  

It all works together:

  1. I look at thousands of charts to find dozens of promising trades that are worthy of a closer look
  2. I ignore news events and outside noise that might disqualify winning trades
  3. And the 7X Cipher pinpoints the very best trades to act on, by focusing on price action above all else

But finding winning trades is just part of the story. Because by using the 7X Cipher…

I Give You a 7:1 Advantage
on Each Trade

If you hate the win-some, lose-some trading experience that most investors live with, you’ll love how we control risk with the 7X Cipher.  

In every trade, we aim for seven steps forward for every one step back.  

Because winning investing is just as much about keeping your losses to a minimum as it is maximizing your wins.  

Let me give you an example of how our 7:1 advantage works.  

Say a stock is currently trading at $100.  

My analysis using the 7X Cipher tells me there’s a strong likelihood its next move is higher and it is likely to reach $170. 

So, we can make a 70% profit if the trade works out as I forecast.  

But not every trade works out.  

How do I keep risk low if the trade goes against us?  

Simple — I limit the loss to only 10% on the downside going in.  

If the stock hits $90, I send out a recommendation to exit the trade and move on to the next opportunity.  

What if the upside on a trade is only 35%?  

Easy…I tell folks to exit if the stock drops by 5%.     

You get the idea.  

Trading this way not only ensures I keep losses small and winners big.  

It also gives you a way to determine right up front how to react if your money is on the line.  

If there’s one thing I know about traders (even me!), it’s that losing or making money can cause us to do crazy things.  

That’s why I clearly define what the upper and lower boundaries are on a trade before I pull the trigger. 

I might miss out on a few points of profit if a stock shoots to the moon…but I’ll never suffer a crippling loss if it breaks down, either.  

Above all else, my goal going in is to always win at least $7 for every $1 at risk.  

Does it work?  

Well, over 18 months, I’ve tallied 155 winning trade recommendations of 10% or more. 

Compare that to just 20 losing trades of 10%+.  

Even better, we had 53 winners over 20%.  

And only ONE loser within that range!  

Repeat those results enough times and you can begin to see how you could turn every $1,000 invested into as much as $7,800!  

Here’s one more example of our winning formula in action:


Don’t Be Scared Out of
Stocks Making New Highs —
Ride Them for Fast 32% Profits
in a Month Instead!

I don’t know who made up the lie about “buying low and selling high.”  

Buying high and selling higher makes a lot more sense to me. 

Bottom-fishing hoping for turnarounds rarely works.  

I prefer to buy strength along with the institutions — like we did with Nvidia in April 2017.  

What exactly do you do when you’re faced with a great stock that’s already had a big run?  

Well, I used the 7X Cipher to see whether a stock like Nvidia was overbought and running out of steam…or whether it still had enough fuel to continue the run.  

In this case, it gave me a green light to recommend my followers to buy it.  

Here’s the exact chart I analyzed at the time, and my conclusion:  

As you can see, buying in on April 26th was a great chance to catch Nvidia’s next big move up.   

I told my readers to ride the stock all the way up to the $138 target and they had the chance to capture a quick one-month profit of 32% in the process!  

Of course, trades don’t work out this perfectly every single time.  

But riding big powerful moves like this in market-leading stocks is something you’ll do again and again when you have the 7X Cipher working for you.  

In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly how to make it happen…

The Secret Language of Wall Street Made Me Rich and It Can Do the Same for You! 

The best decision of my life was to quit the “brokerage” industry 6 years ago.  

Me speaking in Mumbai

Me in Tokyo!

Today, I’m one of the most in-demand market analysts in the world.     

I get more requests to speak at investment conferences around the world from Mumbai and Hong Kong to London and Tokyo than I could ever accept.  

Elite universities like Duke, Harvard and the University of Chicago have hosted me to speak to their faculties and students.  

Virtually every major money manager, mutual fund company, investment bank and hedge fund on Wall Street is a client of my research firm.

I’ve been regularly featured on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg and ABC…and my analysis has appeared in Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and CNNMoney.

Here are just a few of the many authorities who have endorsed my work:  

  • “I don’t use words like ‘genius’ very often but J.C. Parets has a unique and simple look at the market that tends to be very spot-on. Most importantly, he makes me money.”— Howard Lindzon

  • “One of the Top Finance People To Follow On Twitter.”— Business Insider

  • “We salute the mighty J.C. Parets. The hardest working chartist in Sonoma…maybe the world.”— Investopedia

As much as I appreciate their kind words, and the recognition I’ve gotten in the media and around the world, I never forget why they value what I do:  

Because my discovery of the 7X Cipher allowed me to find an average of 12 winning trades each month and pile up 2,379% cumulative profits in 18 months.  

What’s more, you could turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800!

So, let me ask you:    


Are You Tired of Doing It Alone?

As a former Division I college baseball pitcher, I was blessed to have some terrific coaches who helped me reach my potential.  

Some saw the big picture and helped with strategies — "when they do A, we counter with B” — but others were more tactical. 

Their obsessive attention to the smallest detail — "change your arm angle here” or “plant your foot there” — could make a huge difference in my results.  

Whether you’re new to technical analysis or an old pro, I’d like to help you be more successful by guiding you to the winning trades you’re missing out on.  

Let’s be honest: Studying 5,000 charts a week is something you’ll never be able to do on your own.

And why should you?  

I’ve spent over 10,000 hours in the last 15 years learning the secret language of Wall Street so you don’t have to.  

Let me do the heavy lifting and simply point you to the kind of profits you deserve.  

I’m ready to show you how the 7X Cipher can help you reach your full investing potential.  

The 7X Cipher Can Change Your Life, Just Like it Did Mine

Remember that crappy apartment in New Jersey?  

I’ve upgraded to an estate in California’s Sonoma Valley wine country, where I live with my fiancée and spend as much time as I can skiing the toughest slopes I can find.  

I’m also learning to become a wine sommelier in my spare time — a challenging and quite expensive hobby.

And I travel the world as frequently as I can — you just can’t appreciate all the great things about America without stepping outside our borders a few times a year.  

Sonoma Valley
My fiancée and me in Tahoe

Look, I love analyzing the market, but thanks to my mastery of the 7X Cipher, I could retire in the next five years and have all the money I’ll ever need.  

Financial security has allowed me to enjoy a tremendous life, and it’s given me the freedom to embark on an exciting new venture.  

Now, my new mission is to help YOU benefit from my expertise so you can reach YOUR financial dreams.  

Imagine if you had the freedom to never again worry about an unexpected expense…

The peace of mind to know you’ll be able to pass on real wealth to your children or favorite charities…

And the fun of knowing you can afford that vacation home, boat, or other dream purchase you just haven’t pulled the trigger on yet.   

Your Path to Wealth Starts
With One Simple Step

Here’s the deal.  

Each week, after reviewing thousands of charts, I would give my Wall Street clients reams of raw data to help them navigate the markets.  

Now, I’ve fine-tuned my system so I can use it to send the absolute best opportunities every week straight to YOU.  

You’ll find these “best of the best” picks in a brand-new trading research service I’m opening — for a very brief time — to folks like you.  

It’s called Breakout Profits and it’s the only way you can harness the power of the 7X Cipher. 

As a Member, you’ll get:

  • One New Trade Each Week
    Every week, I’ll send you a concise briefing with one new recommendation, including exact instructions for how to execute it at the right price to achieve our desired goal of 7:1 profits to risk. Plus, I’ll review any notable developments in our open trades as well. After reading the email and logging into your online brokerage account, you’re ready to profit with just a few clicks of your mouse!
  • Timely Special Alerts
    Whenever important new price action is triggering a sell on one of our open positions during the trading day, I’ll be in touch. Because we enter every trade with clear and simple advice on how to take profits off the table, these alerts are rare, but important.
  • The Breakout Profits Guide to Winning Technical Trading
    This powerful trading manual covers the ins and outs of how technical trading can make you more successful — why you want to ignore 99% of the noise that trips up most investors, the basics of chart reading, how the 7X Cipher works, the few select indicators and signals I follow for maximum profits in Breakout Profits and much more.
  • Monthly Breakout Profits Webinars
    Once each month, we’ll get together for a review of our open positions, plus an overview of the big picture charts I’m watching for overall market trends.
  • Complete Access to the Breakout Profits Private Website
    At any time, you can review all our open and closed trades, confirm our results with our complete track record and much more.

I know that no investing system — no matter how powerful — is of any value if it’s hard to act on the recommendations.  

So, I make it easy for you to profit from my insights in Breakout Profits every step of the way.  

See For Yourself Why
I Get Praise Like This:

  • “I taught J.C. to bring in new clients, raise money and manage relationships for his first few years in the business. J.C. has repaid me 50-fold over the years with his great market insights and some amazing trading ideas.”— CNBC’s Josh Brown, AKA, The Reformed Broker

  • “The best technician on Twitter.”— Michael A, Managing Director of a prominent financial group

Don’t Miss Out
on Our Next Trade!

Just yesterday, I was reviewing a fresh batch of charts and found several intriguing opportunities that could be the next recommendation of Breakout Profits.  

But the pick I’ll make for our very next recommendation is a doozy.

It has everything I look for in a great stock pick, including the downright-unfair 7:1 reward-to-risk ratio I demand of all my picks.  

I’ll give you a way to get the details on that next recommendation at the conclusion of this presentation.

The only question is…will you be in line to receive it?  

To help make this a slam-dunk “yes” for you, I’ve convinced my publisher to make you an unusually good deal to join me on this venture.

The regular price for Breakout Profits is $2,495 a year.

While I realize some might think that’s high for a trading research service that I promise won’t deliver triple-digit winners every time let’s remember what Breakout Profits HAS delivered:  

  • 2,379% total profits over an 18-month period
  • 155 winning trades over 10% (vs. just 20 losers)
  • 53 winning trades over 20% (vs. just ONE loser!)
  • Profitable strings of 10, 15, even 20 winning trades in a row
  • Disciplined risk management that targets $7 of upside for every $1 of downside risk
  • The proven ability to rake in big profits while completely ignoring news events that can only distract you

And don’t forget, some of Wall Street’s biggest institutions have paid me over $10,000 per year for my insights and recommendations. 

And I delivered to them an average of 12 winning trades a month.  

But your time is limited and you probably don’t have billions to invest, so I’d like to provide you something much more manageable…at a bargain of a price.  

I’d like to offer you just ONE cherry-picked stock recommendation a week — the one with the very strongest setup I can find among the thousands I evaluate.     

And in return, I won’t ask you to pay even one-quarter of what I charged the big boys.  

You see, the normal subscription rate for Breakout Profits will be $2,495 per year — a true bargain in exchange for the “cream of the crop” selections that come from an intensive review of 5,000 charts every week.  

But as a Member of Breakout Profits, you can join right now for just $1,695 per year.  

That’s nearly 1/3 off our already more-than-fair price.  

And that’s not just a one-time “teaser” rate.  

As a Member, you have the opportunity to lock in that rate for as long as you remain a member!

As your wealth grows, that annual fee will start to look not just reasonable but like a downright steal compared to your profits.

You see, over the 18-month period, we averaged +15% on every winning trade and 5% on every loss.  

Even if you assume we win only half our trades, that’s a net 20% gain on every four trades…which adds up to 260% a year…and a whopping 780% in three years…so you can see how a $1,000 investment could turn into $7,800.  

But if you’re still on the fence, I have one more reason you should say “yes” today…

You’re Completely Protected
By My 100% Guaranteed
Full Refund Policy

When you agree to accept your spot as a Breakout Profits Member today, it truly is risk-free.

But I honestly don’t think it will come to that.

Personally, I think you’ll be thrilled with the success you’ll have investing with the 7X Cipher on your side and the steady profits you’ll accumulate when our 7:1 reward-to-risk ratio is tilting the scales in your favor on every trade.  

And you’ll especially like the fact that you can execute all our recommended trades in less than 10 minutes a month.   

But there’s one more thing I must tell you…

This Offer Will End Soon

As good a deal as I think this Membership offer is, my publisher thinks it’s TOO good. 

So, she’s enforcing a strict deadline to accept new subscriptions at this special rate.  

Considering that the 7X Cipher could turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800…and considering what some of the top financial institutions in the world are already paying for my analysis…I can’t say she’s crazy.   

(Not to mention the fact that your Member status will allow you to lock in a year of Breakout Profits at a significant discount as long as you remain a Member!)

Here’s the bottom line: We’ll only be enrolling new NEW Members for a very LIMITED TIME.

After that, I’m sorry to say, you’re out of luck.

So, if you’re interested, I need to hear from you TODAY.

Again, your  Membership includes…

  • Full access to the Member-Only Breakout Profits website, including our current buy list and all the buying instructions on our open trades
  • My clear trading instructions on every recommendation so you can execute all our trades in less than 10 minutes a month
  • Weekly Breakout Profits briefings containing one new trade, a review of existing positions and big-picture strategy insights to help you increase your wealth
  • Monthly webinars to keep you on top of important developments in our trades and the entire market
  • The Breakout Profits Guide to Winning Technical Trading course to get you up to speed and using my technical trading strategies as fast as possible
  • This one-time opportunity to lock-in the Member rate of $1,695 for as long as you remain a member

I’ve laid all my cards on the table.  

It’s time for you to decide if this is what you really want:

  • A proven 7X Cipher system that allows you to once and for all ignore the irrelevant market noise that is keeping you from the profits you deserve
  • A chance to finally decode the secrets of stock movements so that you can jump on breakout opportunities that other investors simply don’t recognize
  • Weekly trades, specially selected from analyzing 5,000 charts every single week
  • A constant string of trades that aren’t rare and risky home runs but the consistent double-digit singles and doubles that build real wealth
  • A built-in edge of only investing when the reward outweighs the risk by at least 7:1 every single time
  • A track record of piling up 2,379% cumulative profits in just 18 months

Remember, you’re also fully-protected by a full, 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Just click this button below and I’ll take you to our secure reservation system to lock-in your spot as one of our Members.

I must warn you: This offer could be pulled down at any time.

So don’t miss out.

Time’s up for both of us.  

I need to pull the trigger on that perfect trade and you’ve got a big decision to make:  

Do you want the potential to turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800…or not?

I really want you to be on the list to get this trade and see for yourself how powerful the 7X Cipher is, but the call is yours.  

You’ve tried to beat the market by paying attention to the news…has it worked out for you or not?  

Do not miss this opportunity — it may never come around again. 

I look forward to seeing you on our list of Breakout Profits Members.

Here’s to ignoring the news and creating your very own stream of fast, breakout winners!

Thanks for watching!


J.C. Parets, CMT
Editor, Breakout Profits

P.S. Remember, if our average winning trades going forward merely equals our past results, you could turn every $1,000 you invest into as much as $7,800. So, don’t miss out on our next recommendation — join today!